Freetown Fries

Freetown Fries is a food truck dedicated to the french fry. They sell home cut fries fried in peanut oil and topped with a vast array of items. Their everyday menu items can be found in the ‘About’ section of their Facebook page. They have everything from the most basic plain fries and dipping sauces to the Mediterranean fries, fries topped with roasted garlic hummus, feta cheese, kalamata olives, parsley and dash of paprika. Specials are offered on occasion, and the fries range from $4.25- $6.50. This food truck has great customer service, and they are devoted to being ecologically conscious.

During my lovely two week break from work for Christmas (I’m a teacher), I decided to find Freetown Fries. I really like french fries, so I was very excited to try these. After great deliberation, I decided to try the POO-YIE FRY. The POO-YIE FRY is their spin on a Canadian dish, poutine. Authentic poutine consists of french fries, brown gravy, and cheese curds. Poutine is not a dish that I have tried, but I do enjoy dipping my french fries in gravy, so this seemed like a good choice for me. The POO-YIE FRY is Freetown Fries’ home cut french fries topped with beef roast gravy, white crumbly queso cheese, green onions and a dash of cayenne pepper.


I was a little surprised by these french fries. The gravy was not just gravy, but it actually had beef roast in it. The french fries had a good flavor, but I found the gravy to be too thick and had a hard time getting past the texture. The cheese did not seem to add much flavor to the overall dish. I don’t think I will order these fries again, but am hopeful that I may enjoy some of their other menu items more. I think I will try out the NAKED FRY next time with some of their dipping sauces: curry mustard, rosemary and garlic mayo, and spicy ketchup since I am a sucker for sauces.

Check out their Facebook page to see where they will be parked and pay them a visit. Let me know what you think!


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