Viva la Waffle

Viva la Waffle is a food truck that specializes in sandwiches made with Brussels style waffles topped with fresh ingredients. They have a basic menu that stays the same, but also offer a daily special. Their specials include items like waffle dogs (like a corn dog, but wrapped in a waffle), a pizza waffle, a monte cristo sandwich, and whatever other wonderful combinations they come up with. They have both savory and sweet waffle sandwiches, and they also have garlic butter waffle fries and cinnamon sugar sweet potato waffle fries.

Viva la Waffle Specials Menu Board

Viva la Waffle Specials Menu Board

Chicken Parmesan Waffle SandwichI have had the pleasure of trying Viva la Waffle several times and have never been disappointed. Their garlic butter waffle fries are so good that my mouth is watering just thinking about them. They are crispy, full of flavor, and in my opinion they need no ketchup or condiments at all. I could just make a meal out of the fries. My husband really likes the sweet potato fries, and claims they are his dessert. They are sweet and have just enough cinnamon. I have tried several of their different waffle sandwiches including the Rosceaux, the Buffalo Chicken, the Caprese, the Pizza, and the Chicken Parmesan. My husband has tried the Smore waffle and said it was good (a man of few words).

Chicken Parmesan Waffle Sandwich

Chicken Parmesan Waffle Sandwich

The chicken parmesan sandwich is the most recent menu item that I have tried. The waffle had mozzarella and parmesan cheese in it which gave it a great flavor. The marinara sauce was obviously not jarred. The chicken was crunchy and moist. All of the ingredients came together and made for an excellent sandwich. The sandwich was $8.00 and I felt that it was worth the price. I find these sandwiches to be very filling and seldom can finish one by myself.

Although I found the chicken parmesan sandwich to be very good, I think my favorite menu item is the Caprese sandwich. The Caprese has fresh mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, pesto mayo, and a basalmic drizzle. I always add a buttermilk fried chicken breast to mine. This to me is a perfect sandwich. The waffle is crunchy, the mozzarella is creamy and fresh, and the pesto mayo and basalmic drizzle are flavorful. I think this is a great example of how simple but fresh ingredients can make a great product.

Viva la Waffle really does a good job with letting the public know where they are going to be located. They have an app, a Facebook page, and a twitter profile that they update every morning telling where they will be located. They usually serve lunch around Lafayette Tuesday-Saturday. So if you are looking for something new for lunch, check them out. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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  2. Leanne says:

    Hi Kristen,

    I’m a Researcher for the Cooking Channel US / Food Network Canada program Eat St. – a series exploring “the most daring and delicious street food around!” We will be filming with Viva La Waffle on Sat Nov 9 and I thought I’d get in touch and schedule you in for an interview if possible. We are looking for articulate food writers/bloggers/experts to speak on camera about the truck and their unique dishes.

    Please email me ASAP, looking forward to hearing from you!

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