Mobile Restaurants

The food truck scene has recently exploded in Lafayette. The list of trucks is ever growing. The ones that I know about are: Viva la Waffle, Pelon’s Mexican Hot Dogs, Freetown Fries, Lil Chub’s Grill, Manhattan Food Co, LA strEAT, Kona Ice of Acadiana, Acadiana Grilled Cheese Co, and A Change of Heart.

Here is a quick breakdown of what each truck specializes in:

Viva la Waffle- sandwiches with fresh ingredients in a Brussels style waffle
Pelon’s Mexican Hot Dogs- turkey hot dogs wrapped in bacon, deep fried, and dressed with an array of ingredients
Freetown Fries- home cut fries with toppings
Lil Chub’s Grill- grilled sliders
The Manhattan Food Co- A menu including Italian sausages and peppers, a Reuben sandwich, and hot dogs topped with marinara sauce
LA strEAT- Cajun classics with a twist
Kona Ice of Acadiana- snow cones
Acadiana Grilled Cheese Co- grilled cheese sandwiches made with many different ingredients
A Change of Heart- heart healthy meals

It seems as if Lafayette has embraced the idea of food trucks, and we really have a great variety of options to choose from. I have sampled menu items from some of these trucks, and believe me when I say that the food they serve will surprise you. These food trucks shouldn’t be put in the same category as fast food, but should be thought of as a restaurant on wheels. It is evident that the people who operate these trucks have a passion for food and, as far as I can tell, are well trained.

Recently E’s Kitchen, a kitchen supply store, has begun hosting a monthly Food Truck Round Up. Several of the food trucks listed above come together in one location, Parc Lafayette on Kaliste Saloom and Camellia Blvd, to sell lunch. I have been to this event a couple of times, and have had a great time. This is a great opportunity to sample some of the different options available. You can follow E’s Kitchen on Facebook to find out when the next round up will be scheduled.

I will be writing reviews for the different food trucks, so check back if you’d like to know my opinion about what is offered. I think food trucks are a wonderful addition to Lafayette’s restaurant options. To find out where the trucks are going to be each day, you can follow them on Facebook.


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