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    This is a site all about the wonderful food we have in Lafayette, LA and the surrounding areas.
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Sunday Brunch

As I cooked pancakes and sausage for my family this morning, I started imagining how it would be great to be able to eat breakfast when it’s hot and not after everyone else has been served. I thought about how nice it would be to have my breakfast brought to me, and how good my … Continue reading

Freetown Fries

Freetown Fries is a food truck dedicated to the french fry. They sell home cut fries fried in peanut oil and topped with a vast array of items. Their everyday menu items can be found in the ‘About’ section of their Facebook page. They have everything from the most basic plain fries and dipping sauces … Continue reading

Viva la Waffle

Viva la Waffle is a food truck that specializes in sandwiches made with Brussels style waffles topped with fresh ingredients. They have a basic menu that stays the same, but also offer a daily special. Their specials include items like waffle dogs (like a corn dog, but wrapped in a waffle), a pizza waffle, a … Continue reading


The LA strEAT food truck made their first appearance at the Food Truck Round Up today. According to their website, they are making street food with a gourmet twist. I was definitely impressed by the truck itself when I saw it today. The truck looks very nice, is huge, and even has a t.v. mounted … Continue reading

Pelon’s Mexican Hot Dogs

Pelon’s Mexican Hot Dogs is both a freestanding carry out restaurant and a food truck. The restaurant is located at 1506 Verot School Rd. There is a great story on their website describing how the idea for the restaurant came about. I have sampled items from their food truck on two occasions. I have to … Continue reading

Mobile Restaurants

The food truck scene has recently exploded in Lafayette. The list of trucks is ever growing. The ones that I know about are: Viva la Waffle, Pelon’s Mexican Hot Dogs, Freetown Fries, Lil Chub’s Grill, Manhattan Food Co, LA strEAT, Kona Ice of Acadiana, Acadiana Grilled Cheese Co, and A Change of Heart. Here is … Continue reading